Persons with Reduced Mobility

Carriage of passengers on wheel-chairs

Passenger on a wheel-chair shall be admitted for carriage both with accompanying persons and unaccompanied. Passenger on a wheel chair and accompanying persons will be issued separate tickets.

Wheel-chairs and socket-powered wheel-chairs are carried free of charge as checked baggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Only folding wheel-chairs are allowed into the cabin.

Socket-powered wheel-chair batteries must be securely fastened to the wheel-chair, previously shut off and isolated in order to prevent a short circuit. Power supply sources must be marked correspondingly. Wet batteries should be transported only in an upright position.

Carrier shall inform the point of destination and transit/transfer points of having a Passenger on a wheel-chair on board to provide to him/her a wheel-chair above all others upon arrival.  Such information will include Passenger’s name and location of a wheel-chair or socket-powered wheel-chair on board of the aircraft.

Carriage of passengers with impaired vision and/or deaf passengers

Carriage of visually impaired and/or deaf passengers at the same time is performed with accompanying person who will take care during the flight.

Deaf passenger can be transported without accompanying person upon agreement with the Carrier. Visually impaired passenger can be transported accompanied by guide dog upon agreement with the Carrier.  In case of transportation of visually impaired passenger accompanied by guide-dog, the Carrier shall be provided with a veterinary certificate and certificate confirming special training of the dog. When booking seats or issuing tickets to passengers with impaired vision or deaf passengers accompanied by guide dog the authorized Carrier’s agent has to inform the Carrier about carriage of such passenger in order to assist at check in at the airport of departure and his/her delivery to aircraft at the airport of departure and from the aircraft at airport of arrival.

In case of transportation of visually impaired passenger accompanied by guide-dog, the dog shall be carried on board of the aircraft free of charge, in excess of free baggage allowance. When checking in of a visually impaired (deaf) passenger accompanied by guide-dog an economy-class seat is given. The dog shall have the muzzle and the lead on and shall be attached to the chair at the feet of the passenger it accompanies.

Airline is not liable to passengers for possible deterioration of passenger health when boarding the plane, during flight and upon the completion of air and ground transportation within the airport’s territory, due to passenger’s age and his/her mental or physical state of health. 

Passenger whose physical health raises concerns by the Airline (seriously ill passengers, passengers on stretchers and others) are admitted for air carriage only subject to the presentation of a relevant certificate issued by the health care institution evidencing that the passenger has no contraindications against the air carriage and in some cases that his/her illness is not dangerous to surrounding people.