iFly policy can be phrased as «In pursuance of perfection» and consists in the goals aimed at achievement of the corresponding level of safety and quality of rendered services.

Our quality policy focuses on:

  • Experienced and qualified personnel the constant development of which provides for a high servicing level.
  • Current aviation technology as an instrument of flight safety assurance.
  • Best practices of international organizations and best management practice.
  • Meeting of national and international air legislation requirements.
  • Choice of reliable suppliers and partners that comply with airline standards and requirements.
  • Implementation of individual demands and wishes of passengers and partners.
  • Permanent monitoring and improvement of rendered services.

iFly Airline is constantly upgrading its strategy and methods in order to achieve the highest level of flight safety and comply with the national and international standards.

We undertake to:

  • Ensure flight safety management security by allocating the needed resources.
  • Work out and apply current practices to detect and prevent hazards, with prevention of any unlikely events.
  • Not apply punitive measures against employees who informed of flight safety concerns, except for the cases where such notice highlights negligence or willful misconduct committed by reporting person.
  • Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and standards. Admit only trained personnel to work.
  • Constantly improve management processes that provide for efficient measures in the field of flight safety.

iFly HR Policy

The Airline is seeking to build a team of like-minded people interested in collective success, therefore professional training and instruction of a future employee is one of the main aspects of employment.

Recruitment for open vacancies

Dominant requirement to jobseekers is a high level of professional skills and deep expertise in the relevant filed. In the process of employment a jobseeker should fill in a form and indicate his/her previous work experience and contact details of his/her previous directors.

Aviation staff must be checked by Aviation Security and Economic Security services and present police clearance certificates and fingerprint expertise certificates, as well as confirmations of absence of registration with drug rehabilitation or psychiatric institutions and certificates of psychiatric examination.

List of the documents to be presented:
  • Copy of identity document of RF citizen
  • Copy of passport for travelling abroad
  • Residence card
  • Work book
  • Copy of document of education
  • Copy of document confirming special training and qualification
  • Copy of taxpayer certificate  (INN)
  • Copy of pension insurance certificate
  • Copy of document of registration for military service
  • Copy of medical report
  • Photo 3.5х4.5 = 1 pc.
  • Digital photo for issuance of crew member certificate
  • Personnel record card filled in with own hand
  • «Police Clearance Certificate» (for aviation staff)
  • 182n Form Certificate (for sick lists issuance)