Cabin Baggage

Passenger carry-on items (cabin baggage).

Passenger carry-on items (cabin baggage) are an unchecked baggage.

In excess of the prescribed free baggage allowance

and free of charge passenger is entitled to carry the below listed items, if they are carried on the passenger and not put into the baggage:

  • lady purse or briefcase;
  • paper folder;
  • umbrella;
  • stick;
  • flower bouquet;
  • overclothes;
  • printed publications for reading in flight;
  • infant food for use in flight;
  • cellular phone;
  • photo camera;
  • video camera;
  • laptop computer;
  • suit in garment bag;
  • flight baby cot;
  • crutches, stretchers or folding wheelchair in case of carrying passenger from among disabled persons or other persons with reduced mobility.

The items listed above in this paragraph are not presented for weighing and not subject for check in or labeling.

Cabin baggage during transportation shall be placed under passenger seat, except for the seats close to the emergency exits. Over the passenger seat in a closing baggage compartment it is possible to place light-weight belongings and passenger overclothes.

When checking in, the passenger is obliged to present for weighing all the baggage intended for carriage, except for the items that he/she will need during boarding (deplanement) the aircraft and in flight. Carrier is not liable for safekeeping of cabin baggage and personal belongings taken on board.  Passenger shall take care of safekeeping of his/her cabin baggage. In case of flight interruption passenger while disembark the aircraft should remove all cabin baggage and items taken on board.

Cabin baggage and personal belongings left by passenger on board of aircraft and found by flight attendants after the flight performance are given at off-base airports to a representative or supervisor with whom the Airline signed a contract, with obligatory drawing up of the corresponding Act.  At the base airport the left things will be given to the Airline company representative under Handover act and are stored at the Carrier’s office within six months after the arrival of aircraft at the airport, whereupon the cabin baggage and personal belongings are subject to realization or disposal in the manner prescribed by the legislative acts of the Russian Federation.